I am not a licensed health care professional; I am a medical cannabis coach. Coaches do not diagnose or treat disease. That’s for medical physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals. I do not provide recommendations for a medical cannabis card either. Any information on this website or provided during coaching sessions is from my personal experience, education, and research. It is not to be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 
Don't have a medical cannabis card? No problem! My services are for everyone 21 and older (and pediatric patients with parent/guardian consent) that would like medical cannabis coaching. I do not inquire about the legality of cannabis in your state of residence; that is YOUR responsibility. I am here simply to help anyone that would like guidance in their cannabis journey.
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Book a Virtual
Coaching Session

Each Session Includes:
  • Full review of medical history including current medications and treatments

  • Medical cannabis virtual coaching session

  • Follow-up phone call 

  • Follow-up medical cannabis virtual coaching session (depending on package)

  • Personalized medical cannabis regimen that includes recommended cannabis strains, recommended administration method and dosing instructions

  • A printable handout with the recommended product (s), dosing instructions, poison control center phone number and address near you, and address and phone number to the nearest emergency clinic or hospital

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